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Vijay Kumar
Nanoparticles by design: Fe75Pt72
Maxim Tchaplyguine
Gold-oxide nanoparticles - what is the oxidation state in gold?
Nicola Gaston
Observation of phase transitions between finite temperature polymorphs of gallium clusters: from β to γ to δ from first-principles
Vitaly Kresin
Unusual temperature-dependent structure in the ionization yield of an aluminum cluster: possible superconducting electron pairing at T>100 K
E. Cristina Stanca-Kaposta
Infrared photodissociation spectroscopy of carbon species of astrophysical relevance
Ignacio L. Garzón
Vibrational and low-temperature thermal properties of metal nanoparticles
André Fielicke
Far-infrared spectroscopy of clusters of the platinum metals: evidence for cubic
Susumu Saito
Energetics, edge geometries, and electronic properties of silicene
Jun Onoe
One-dimensional uneven structured exotic-nanocarbon: geometric curvature effects at nanoscale
Feng Ding
The formation of supported carbon clusters during graphene chemical vapor deposition (CVD) growth
Hans-Christian Weissker
Surface plasmons in quantum-sized noble-metal clusters: quantum calculations and the classical picture of charge oscillations
Gunther Andersson
Clusters for photocatalysis
Katsuaki Konishi
Electronic communication between metallic moiety and organic functionalities in ultrasmall organic-modified gold clusters
Marcel Di Vece
Tracking photo-emitted electrons from gold nanoparticles by femtosecond laser-driven confocal microscopy
Andrey Lyalin
Functionalization of boron nitride nanosheets by a metal support for the oxygen reduction reaction
Matthias Neeb
Nanoisland formation of small AgN-clusters on HOPG as determined by inner-shell photoionization spectroscopy
Andrei Kirilyuk
Channeling vibrational energy to probe the electronic density of states in metal
Kazunari Yoshizawa
Frontier orbital rule for electron transport in molecules
Tim Laarmann
Hidden charge states in soft-X-ray laser-produced nanoplasmas revealed by fluorescence spectroscopy
Maria J. López
The role of metal doping on the reversible adsorption and storage of hydrogen in nanoporous carbons
Xiaoming Huang
Photoelectron spectroscopy and density functional theory investigation of VxSi12-(x = 1-3) clusters: discovery of a silicon-based ferrimagnetic wheel structure
Tobias Lau
CoAr+ complexes: the smallest and most exotic bar magnets with giant magnetic anisotropy energy
Fumitaka Mafuné
Stable stoichiometry and chemical reactivity of cluster ions revealed by high temperature TPD experiments
Steffi Bandelow
Extending the sizes and charge states of polyanionic metal clusters
Gereon Niedner-Schatteburg
Characterization of single-molecule magnets in isolation
Urban Rohrmann
Spin orientation in isolated magnetic nanoalloys - topology, dielectric and magnetic properties of manganese doped tin-clusters Mn/SnN